Default Unit: millimeter (mm)

  Part Number Height  (mm) Width  (mm) Length  (m)     Weight/PCS  (Kg)
    PJ-DVR50-1000 47.5 25.5 1     0.60
    PJ-DVR100-1000 75.5 25.5 1     0.81
    PJ-DVR150-1000 125.0 25.5 1     1.27


P/N definition:

E.g. PJ-DVR50-1000, PJ means accessories of wire mesh cable tray; DVR means divider; 50 means it fits for 50mm high wire mesh cable tray; 1000 means 1000mm long per piece.

Instruction manuals:

Suitable for: Isolating strong and weak electricity. It is often usde in data center.
Fit for: Wire diameter from 3.5mm to 6.0mm,  covering all sizes of cable trays.
Include:cover×1、cover clamp×1、M6×20 carriage bolt×3.