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Core Values:

Customer first, teamwork, honesty, innovation




Although the morning meeting is a daily fixed routine,while it is not a routine and procedural pattern,while it is the most expected thing for employees every day.start the daily work in a dynamic way, and let employees feel the atmosphere of colleagues as family and family as colleagues in a “love hug”.


Learning is no longer a luxury but a necessity for Vichnet employees. Whether it is the regular courses in the business school, the study of MBA in Zhejiang university, the study of company culture in Jucheng etc., James always does everything by himself and is willing to pay a heavy price just to make everyone in the team better. At this time, Vichnet was also like a school. Professor Yu regained the status of a former university teacher and became a teacher who was puzzled. If you go to Professor Yu's class with doubts, you will always find a satisfactory answer.


Employee birthday, travel is only a necessary item, and more additional items of Vichnet are the internal motivation for employees. Jessie's tea time twice a month, Vichnet emplyees will go to Jessie's office and drink tea with Jessie, we chat or spit out the unpleasant life, or chat about the strange things around, you can speak freely at this this time, Jessie was no longer the chairman,  she was already the head of Vichnet's family.





China's national flag has five stars, five fingers in hands, and Vichnet has five teams. Five is one, and one is five. Regarding the pursuit of more efficient, more environmentally friendly, more professional as a belief, in the R & D aspect, continue to try new ways of R & D team for excellence, race against time for the technical team to achieve customized products in the shortest time, and production team continuously pursuing more efficient automated production equipment, the quality inspection team that strictly inspects each process,24 hours non-snoring just for the "customer first" sales team, five strong teams formed words-Vichnet, this is Vichnet's most precious treasure.