Devoted to designing and manufacturing cable tray for different application environments and supplying total solution, VICHNET is a high quality cable tray supplier with development and production capacity. Extended from supplying data center cabling solution and equipment for communication operators to creating best data center cable tray, VICHNET is moving forward toward the leading brand of cable tray. At the mean time, VICHNET creatively developed a series of professional cable tray for machinary, food and medical industry.


Ningbo Vichnet Technology Co.,ltd

Office Address: 10F, Building 7, Smart Park, Hi-Tech Zone, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China

Factory Address: No. 329, Jiangbin Road, Qijiashan Street, Beilun District, Ningbo, China







VICHNET cable tray is not only cable tray, but also the spirit of originality.

VICHNET has a professional R&D team and the production line with international advanced level. Focused on the new material of data center cable tray and total solution, VICHNET is settling down to leading the industry progress.

After years of hard work and effort, VICHNET find out development strategy that suitable for us, combineing internationalization with localization. Nowadays, VICHNET is trying to become the leading cable tray brand in the world.

Internet changes our life, VICHNET is also changing internet with its own way. VICHNET supply more efficient and reliable cabling solution for different industries. Visualize wire mesh cable tray realizes more scientific and more professional cabling solution, which makes the production base safer and cleaner. VICHNET cable tray is changing the world with technology and making our life more colorful.






VICHNET cooperated with Google, Microsoft, IBM and many other famous brands.





VICHNET participated in the formulation of the wire mesh cable tray standards.

Data center cable tray solution supplier for China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom.

VICHNET cooperated with Google, Microsoft, IBM and many other famous brands.

The first wire mesh cable tray manufacturer pass UL test in China.

The most competitive data center cable tray supplier.

The first manufacturer selling cable tray on e-commerce.

An employee ownership platform, 90% of employees are shareholders.